we deserve better project

The anti-violence field is full of passionate and dedicated workers who are committed to creating safer communities and supporting survivors. As a team of anti-violence workers, we know of many advocates who are struggling or leaving their organizations because of mistreatment, unhealthy work environments, and lack of support—we’ve experienced it, too. Together, we decided to do something about it—to be the change we hoped for and continue to need.

We Deserve Better has become shorthand for our collective work and a call to action


A note about language: Throughout this website, you’ll notice we use terms like “advocate” and “anti-violence worker” interchangeably. 
hese terms reflect the variety of roles people have at organizations that support survivors and work to prevent violence in their communities.

thank you

We are so grateful to the assessment respondents and summit participants for sharing their experiences with us.

You gifted us with impassioned, thoughtful, and moving responses that proved that these issues are not only systemic, but that there is a deep hunger for change. Your voices and stories remind us of why we do this work and why we are advocating for better working conditions that benefit all of us.
We take the responsibility of what you’ve shared with us very seriously, and not only do we hope that you feel heard and validated, but we hope this data provides a foundation to jumpstart us into action.


We encourage you to submit feedback, additional resources, and stories about how your organization is making meaningful and impactful changes.

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