About our Organizations

The We Deserve Better Project was created by The SOAR Collective
and members of the Survivors Know Anti-Violence Solidarity Circle.

The SOAR Collective aims to mobilize advocates to demand accountability and revolutionize the way anti-violence organizations operate. Using an anti-oppression and anti-racism lens, we work to support victim service advocates while reimagining the movement. We are three young-ish women (Black, white, and multi-racial Latina) and anti-violence advocates who are ready for change, ready for a revolution, and ready to hold our organizations accountable.

Survivors Know is an organizing action hub. As survivors of power-based sexual violence, we organize to challenge the status quo and create alternatives to the systems that fail us. We couple trauma-informed labor organizing with survivor justice to address our wholeness as survivors.

The Anti-Violence Solidary Circle is a community of Anti-Violence Advocates dedicated to survivor-centered advocacy and community partnership. We are a community-based effort committed to providing non-carceral and anti-capitalist resource alternatives.


Survivors Know and The SOAR Collective are committed to creating better conditions for anti-violence workers. As survivors, we’ve been inspired by movements like #MeToo and #SayHerName to call on our community to do better. When our organizations came together in the summer of 2022, there was a deep synergy and a lot of emphatic head nods that something needed to change. We decided it was finally time to seed our own charge – one that creates meaningful and lasting systemic changes within the anti-violence field that prioritizes anti-violence workers and survivors. Doing so simultaneously benefits survivors, not only via the services that are offered by anti-violence organizations, but because over half of anti-violence workers are survivors, too (We Deserve Better Project, 2023RAW Survey, 2022). 
We’ve also been incredibly disappointed by mainstream anti-violence institutions–many of us have worked at local programs and coalitions, and experienced discrimination, frustration, and heartbreak. As an Advocate from Pennsylvania shared, “Advocates are fierce and passionate and find a way to support survivors even when they do not have support from systems that are supposed to support them.”
From the beginning, our aspiration for the We Deserve Better project has always been to catalyze tangible and actionable change. It’s about more than putting words to paper—it’s a call to action, a catalyst, and rallying cry that signifies our collective dedication to change the fabric of the anti-violence field to prioritize survivors and workers. Speaking truth means nothing without action. 
In June of 2020, forty-seven state and territorial coalitions signed onto the Moment of Truth Letter, which details the harm caused by traditional anti-violence institutions against BIPOC communities, and articulates a commitment to divest from the criminal legal system and instead centering the Black Lives Matter movement in fulfilling their vision of liberation. The content of this letter represents our hopes for the anti-violence field, but the reality is that signing onto this letter offered mainstream organizations a pass. Privately, we refer to this as the “Virtue Signaling Letter,” as it did not result in much change. But we know that we can meet this call to action and that change is possible.


We’re still figuring out what comes next. To use a metaphor, we’re remodeling the house while we’re living in it. We’re trying to fix the foundation, not just slap on a fresh coat of paint. We want to go beyond making cosmetic changes, and instead break down walls and reinforce the support beams. And we don’t have to do it alone. If you’d like to get involved or sign up for our mailing list, click here.
In the meantime, our organizations continue to mobilize anti-violence workers and survivors while providing support in a variety of ways.
The SOAR Collective:
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Survivors Know:


We encourage you to submit feedback, additional resources, and stories about how your organization is making meaningful and impactful changes.

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